Rolling Stone

An emigre from Abalathia's Spine, Rolling (or just Stone if you prefer) has embraced the Ul'Dahn lifestyle with more fervor than most Thanalan natives. Something of a self-made man, he earned his fortune on the Bloodsands before scandal and the Calamity forced him into retirement. Eager to repair his reputation (and his coffers), he's taken up the adventuring trade, though heavens know if he'll keep to it.


Stone's hard to miss, let alone forget; unusually short for a Roegadyn, well-muscled and one-eyed. Loud and boisterous in the extreme, he's quick with a smile and a slap on the back, treating everyone as if they were an old friend. The idea that not everyone might be amenable to this hasn't occurred to him yet. He's generally ignorant of other people's feelings that way, remarkably self-centered as he is.

Despite being a selfish, vapid glory hog, he's not beyond the occasional moment of genuine care and heroism. Rolling really does believe in doing the right thing when he can, even if his view of what's right and wrong can be a little skewed. There's no guarantee he won't brag about it afterwords however, because if there's one thing he loves the most it's telling stories about himself.

Most of them are about his glory days competing on the Bloodsands and other, smaller gladiatorial circuits. Tales of battles lost and won, victory and defeat, and sometimes he even manages to keep them consistent with one another. He tends to be pretty tight-lipped about his past otherwise, especially the circumstances surrounding his retirement and his life in the Spine prior to becoming an Ul'Dahn citizen.

RP Hooks

  • the avalanche: Though retired for five or so years at this point, some fans of the sport might remember his stage name, The Avalanche, a mid-level competitor with a distinct stage presence and bare-handed fighting style. Autographs are 15 gil apeace.

  • set your sights on good fortune: If you remember The Avalanche, of course, you may also remember his involvement in a fight fixing scandal that rocked the gladiatorial circuit in the months before the Calamity. For his part, Rolling refuses to acknowledge such a thing ever happened, and won't even speak about it unless cornered.

  • my blood is worse than your blood: A single glance by a trained eye will reveal that Stone's fighting style borrows heavily from techniques used by Ala Mhigan monks, though highly amateurish and bastardized.

  • easy money occupation: In an attempt to keep up his high standard of living post-retirement, Rolling has put himself in a spectacular amount of debt to some very powerful people. Adventuring has done some good to keep the collector's off his back, but they've been getting very persistent lately and he's desperate for a payoff big enough to settle things for good.

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